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It’s “On-Site”

It’s “On-Site” in answer to your question:
“What sewer company provides you connection”?
That there is “no sewer company” may cause you perplexion
A natural reaction from an urbanized transplant to suburbanization
And someone not familiar with lake country “On-Site” waste collection.

But don’t be fooled by the ground’s miracle tendencies
To treat what comes from a families’ water contamination
Tis not a good trade off if one’s activity does pollute
And causes spontaneous growth and Lake Eutrophication.
So out of sight out of mind cannot be the Ostrich euphemism
If one’s On-Site system does not perform to expectation.

As modern technology require it to be embraced,
The result of old age and nutrient migration
Will be a lake looking green and ill used for recreation.
“What can one do to remedy the situation?”
Be kind to your lake and leave a small foot print
By investing in the ground (not the new kitchen).
For a new treatment system to be a replacement
Will help the lake and your “On –Site” property investment.

Paul Sutphen
Dec. 2014