Lake Community and Septic Sytems

Hi, my name is Paul Sutphen. I developed a wastewater conditioning system (WCS patent pending) for on-site tank and field septic systems.  The motivation for this effort comes from knowing that lake water is impaired by phosphorus loading.  The lake where I live, was once pristine before “cultural eutrophication” became a problem.  For example, in July of 1950, the water clarity was 12 feet.  This past year of 2014, the water clarity was 4 feet.  The difference in these two readings was caused by 60 years of watershed loading from the lake community served by septic systems.  The lake progressed from a part-time population to mostly fulltime population in that period.  The lake is typically dominated by blue green algae during the summer months of July and August.

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In the photo of my waterfront, this picture taken in October shows a blue green algae scum.  Scum of this type of algae can be toxic and harmful to both animals and humans.   Clear Lake Technology (CLT) LLC, was formed as a research and development business to develop a technology to reduce septic influenced phosphorus loading from lake community homes.

The CLT technology of conditioning wastewater within the residence has been tested and shown to remove a significant amount of phosphorus before discharge to the disposal field.  If this technology was widely utilized within the lake community, a significant reduction in P loading from the watershed over time would occur.

This website will provide on-going information during a more than 1 year test period. Testing of a sister test site with a “black water” tank design will begin during the middle of the November.  We hope you will post comments and questions about CLT’s project.

I am presenting a paper at the November NALMS symposium on this system.  Check this website to see the presentation.  Also, I will provide links to other sources on the website.  Please be patient as this is the first time as a website developer.  I was not taught this in school 55 years ago!

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    Kindly keep me in the loop and good luck with your new venture.

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